Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BORR (Bogor Outer Ring Road)

Bogor residents looking ahead to new toll road
Theresia Sufa , The Jakarta Post , Bogor | Wed, 10/28/2009 1:30 PM

Bogor residents say they expect the Bogor Outer Ring Road turnpike, connecting West Sentul to Kedunghalang, to be opened soon as it will shorten the one-hour trip to only 10 minutes.

"I really hope the toll operator will start up the BORR as soon as possible so that we can shorten the hour-long trip to only five to 10 minutes," said Ai Kartika, a resident of Tanah Baru in North Bogor, adding she had tried the new route on a trial run during Idul Fitri holidays in September.

"Without the toll road, we have to take the long route through a toll gate near the Baranangsiang bus terminal," she added.

Abah Kences, a resident of Cimanggu, Tanah Sareal, was just as hopeful.

"Besides making the West Sentul-Kedunghalang trip shorter, the BORR can also reduce traffic jams in Bogor municipality, especially around the botanical garden, and help clean up the air around the area," he said.

Dede Mulyana, 30, from Tanah Awi village in Tanah Baru, said his parents had been well compensated for their 1,000-square-meter plot of land that the government acquired for the new toll road.

"We agreed to sell because it was part of the government's plan," he said.

"Besides, my parents received Rp 450,000 per square meter in compensation back in 2008. With that money they've now bought another plot of land in Ciluar *in Bogor regency*."

Dede's own land of 500 square meters is set to be acquired by the government for a toll road artery this year. The land currently houses a garage and motorcycle accessories store.

"I really hope the price *for my land* is higher than last year, so I can buy another property with the money," Dede said.

Poncoyono Sudiro, from BORR operator PT Marga Sarana Jawa Barat, said construction of the new 4-kilometer-long toll road was now in its final stages.

"We're currently in the middle of the handover process from the toll road contractor, PT Adi Karya," he said.

"We hope to have the process finished by the end of October.

"After the handover process, we'll send the report to the Indonesian Toll Road Authority *BPJT*, so that they can conduct their month-long propriety test," Poncoyono added.

When asked about the likely tolls on the new turnpike, Poncoyono said it would be up to the BPJT to draw up the guidelines.

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