Friday, November 13, 2009

Cibubur is heading to large City

What I write as a header today is "Cibubur is heading to large City". Soon it will come true. After several times visiting this area, I like it. Many housing estates are actually quite good enough in term of facilities and comfort zones.

Cibubur (West Java Province) is surely one of the best area that support Jakarta. One thing that makes me a bit disappointed is the traffic, it similarizes Jakarta. But of course if I see it from my point of view...discipline is number one to be applied to all people commuting from Cibubur to Jakarta and vise versa.

Restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, shops ,hospitals, schools, business owners and some big and small companies are all around this area now. They make the place become 'alive'

One bad thing when all this good things happened is pollution and traffic.

Fortunately, Kota Wisata or Legenda Wisata and some housing estates such as Citra Gran dan Raffless Hills provide their area with beautiful, comfort park. Kota Wisata even has it's own recreational park with small lake inside the housing complex.

Well....I wish this development will go on and on...but of course the disciplines on traffic regulations and hospitality will surely bring this area to become one of the best places outside Jakarta to live, work and study.

Best to you all

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