Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cibubur Prospects in the future

As Jakarta is developing very fast, nearby areas are expected to support Jakarta in so many ways. Transportations and social facilities are necessary to be built around those areas. One potential area that has been developing so phenomenal and fantastic is Cibubur area. This area is only about 25 km away southern Jakarta and under Bekasi local government administration.

There are so many housing estates in this area, starting from the one that provide lower class housing until the one with midlle-up classess. Hospitals and education infrastructures such as schools have been built around the area. Shopping malls with many big tenant have also occupied some areas in Cibubur.

As for recretional areas, one can visit Taman Buah Mekarsari in Cileungsi, which is not too far from Cibubur. Kota Wisata, one of the biggest property estate also provide recreational park for children playground as well as shopping places.

Undoubtedly, in near future this area will be large and independent city outside Jakarta which provide everything people's need.

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