Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Protect your House from Termites = Rayap

The hot topic that has been rising recentyly amongst those who live in Cibubur area is Termites or in Indonesian we call it Rayap. The termites are a group of small insects that distract dan ruin all things made of woods, including the tree-wood itself the source of man-made-wood.

There are two type of Termites:
- Drywood Termites (Rayap Kayu Kering)
- Subteranian Termites (Rayap Tanah)

and the most dangerous ones are Subteranian Termites, because they have their own hive under the ground and it is not easy to fight against them.

To protect your house and some wood-made furnitures, you may able to use chemicals, technology or even natural way...even though it's unlikely to happen :-)

Anyway from other sources that is accredible I can suggest to use:

- Mix of rock oil (minyak tanah) and used-car-oil (oli bekas)
- Mix of rock oil and Lentrex
- Lentrex

- Crown

- Furadan (For Tree-Wood)

- Termitenator

Natural Predators
- Certain Birds
- Ants
- Chickens

Beware of your wood-made furniture such as Kitchen set and your living room couch. Prepare all woods with chemical layer before you put them into it's place. Doors, kitchen set, chairs, tables, etc.

Good luck everyone.

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