Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cibubur Development

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This location is more and more becoming favorite place to live and work.
Price for land and houses are increasing every year.
In 2007, price for land ranges from Rp 900,000 to Rp 3,5 million per m2, depending on location and cluster. In 2008, the price has increased from Rp 1,1 million to 4 million per m2.

Kota Wisata, one of the most favorite housing complex in Cibubur also offers many amenities and facilities such as schools, praying places, sport complex to recreational parks. Almost 50,000 people comes to Kota Wisata during the weekend/ public holiday.

We can see the newest clusters in Kota Wisata, Hacienda and Coatesville marketed since Oct 2009, consist of 200 units. Now the price varies from 947 million to 1,8 billion rupiahs.

 Citra Gran also experience the samething. Price for the land has increased in one year from 1,1 million per m2 to 1,6 million per m2.

In the future, it's predicted that prices for land and houses in Cibubur will skyrocket with government's plan to build toll access JORR II connecting Cibubur to Cikampek toll road on the Eastern part and Serpong, Tangerang, Airport on the western part. The price might increase 20% in a year, but the main problem that need to be improved is the road access and traffic problem around Cibubur.

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