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Taman Metropolitan – Residential Icon in East Cibubur

Taman Metropolitan – Residential Icon in East Cibubur
4 December 2008

Housing Estate Magazine, April 2008 edition

When you want to buy a house, never just decide it by price. Be sure about location prospect, materials quality used, development concept, future facilities and developer credibility. Taman Metropolitan (120 ha) on Jl. Transyogie Km. 1 which developed by PT Kembang Griya Cahaya, is subsidiaries of PT. Metropolitan Land has fulfilled those aspects.

Metland is a member of Si Pengembang which proven by its success in developing Pondok Indah and Puri Indah residential . By that Taman Metropolitan will also be developed as good as those two premium residential at Jakarta.

Future Facilities

Currently, the residential which occupied by 500 families is just completed by shophouses, mini market, indoor futsal court and following tennis court as well as kindergarten school. Soon, all facilities will be more completed by the upcoming Metropolitan Mitra Avia Hospital development, following Mosque, church and vihara development in one area as well. The initial project stage will be in the middle of 2008 and would be finished by 2009.

Besides, in 2008, the Water Adventure recreation facility (3 ha) is planned to be developed which equipped by swimming pool, sport club with three indoor badminton courts, and 2 outdoor tennis courts as well. Water Adventure will also be completed with international cliff-climbing. “At the moment, beauty contest to point the best consultation is on progress.” Said M.A. Widyastomo, Ir., MM., the General Manager of Taman Metropolitan.

Metropolitan Mall Cileungsi Plan in 2009

Other facility which will be developed by Metland at Taman Metropolitan is Metropolitan Cileungsi Mall with 30 thousands square meters, to meet Taman Metropolitan community needs and accommodating surrounding community which reach more than 10.000 families. “This year is a the right time transform Taman Metropolitan to become a residential icon in East Cibubur in the near future,” said this alumni of Kentucky University, USA.

More Prospective

Taman Metropolitan has a very strategic location, with two main gate access each in Jl. Transyogie Km.1 and Jl. Raya Setu which is planned to be widened (ROW) by 25 meters. Meanwhile, main boulevard of residential will be widened by 24 meters with plants along both sides of its berm.

Taman Metropolitan will be more prospective followed by JORR II toll road development along Jagorawi-Cibitung (27 km.). When the toll road is opened, trip from Jagorawi toll road to Taman Metropolitan will be faster than to other residential complex in Jl. Transyogie (Cibubur), which located less than 4 km from JORR toll gate,” said Tomo.

Considering those advantages, no wonder that Taman Metropolitan is still demanded by customers. It is proven that 85% of 135 units released in Gandaria Cluster 2 since December 2007,has been sold. There are 3 types available: 39/72 type with price Rp163,5 millions, 40/84 type with price Rp177,2 million, and 45/90 type with price Rp197,4 millions. All units have modern minimalist style design with two bed rooms.

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