Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cibubur - Satellite View.

Here are some satellite's view of some areas in Cibubur

Toll Gate : Cibubur. The Main toll gate from Jakarta - Cibubur. Located on Jagorawi Toll Road.

Toll Gate Cimanggis; Currently popular as alternative toll road besides toll Cibubur. Claimed by some real estate developer to be one of their facilities on road access to their property areas.

Recreational park, including Kampung Cina, London Bridge, etc in Kota Wisata.

Main gate from satellite View of Kota Wisata - Cibubur. Located on 8km Transyogie Road.

Famous waterfall building and it's surrounding parks at Mekarsari - Cibubur.

And the Final picture for today is Cibubur Map/ Peta Cibubur based on Google Maps.

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