Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Intermezzo for Today - KPR Banks

What a sunny day today, even we are in eraly December, the sun still shine so bright in the morning. For those who have houses facing to the east....blessfull shiny sunlight will go straightly to your house. Anyway....I just want to share some information on KPR. here are some tips on decideing which banks you want to have for your KPR guarantee.

- Don't judge the bank by its rate. Some banks offer lower rate for its first years, but some banks might have lower rates on the years ahead, eventhough they can't offer you lower rate on the first year.
- Always calcalute your income to pay monthly installment including simulate the rate for the coming years, you will be surprised to find how much you are paying. In the early years of installment you are paying interest bigger thatn its principal.
- Take a bank which has good reputation
- Make sure everything is black and white
- Make sure, the lawyer, the bank and the developer have the same perception on how and how long you taking the KPR.

Last..always be tahnkful to God


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