Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Cluster, New Residential Areas in Cibubur

No one disagree that recently Cibubur has become one of the most potential housing complex around Jakarta. Starting for elite housing complex such as Citra Gran, Legenda Wisata and Kota Wisata to small housing complex such as Sriwedari or the Address, Cibubur offers so many facilities and benefits.

The main problem for Cibubur to develop more in the future is the road access to Jakarta. Almost everyday we can see the traffics are getting worse, especially on jalan Transyogie.

One main problem is the circle around Cibubur Junction:
- Many public transportation just stick around without obeying the traffic regulations
- Police are small in quantity to face such traffic jam
- Private cars are dominant with only 1 driver one car....

The next problem to go to Jakarta is the Tman Mini Toll Gate, we can see such a long que from Cibubur everyday and it can takes more than 30 minutes just to wait paying the toll.

I wish this problem can be handled as soon as possible. Cibubur can develop more and more if we have good access, good infrasytructure, nice neighbourhood and green areas.


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